The Huasna Huay at SLOBuds

Life in the beautiful Huasna Valley, 25 minutes outside of Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County, California USA.

Huasna: A Pronunciation Guide

The word 'Huasna' is believed to be associated with native Indians who first inhabited the area.
Pronounce the word by substituting the 'wa' of 'waffles' or 'what,' with the 'Hua' of 'Huasna'.  The 'Huas' also rhymes with 'saws'.  Phonetically the word could be spelled 'whazna'.
Getting there is half the fun.  At Arroyo Grande, take Branch east.  Turn right on 'Huasna' and follow it through thick and thin.  This means you will make turns which follow 'Huasna,' when you think you are turning onto a different street entirely.  Just follow the street name regardless.

Here is the map.  Once the map is open, click and hold the left mouse button - drag the map downwards to follow Huasna Road all the way back to Arroyo Grande.  See - a wild ride!  Enjoy the sights as you visit these lovely back roads.

Summers are hot and winters are cool.
Huasna Hueather (Weather).  Click here for FULL weather reporting.
Huasna Hueather At a Glance: